Business Consulting

If you are interested in expanding your private practice, leaving your current group practice, hiring employees or interns, or just want to consult on how to improve your business practices or increase your financial success, working with a business consultant can be invaluable. Business consulting is an investment in your career, as necessary as an accountant, web designer, lawyer, and supervisor. My graduate program didn’t offer a single class on how to run a business, so I’ve learned both on my own and with the support of professionals I’ve hired in my 10 year career. I frequently provide one-off consulting sessions, so this doesn’t require a large investment, financially or otherwise. Here are some things you can expect when working with a therapist business consultant:
  1. Assessment: prior to our meeting, I’ll ask you to put together an initial assessment of your practice or business to identify your goals. This may include reviewing your business plan, marketing strategies, and financial records or simply taking some notes about the current problems you’re facing as a business owner.
  2. Goals and Strategies: we’ll create clear and measurable goals for your practice and then develop specific strategies to help you achieve those goals. This may include creating a marketing plan, developing a pricing strategy, identifying new revenue streams, website recommendations, and more.
  3. Implementation and Support: together or on your own outside of consultation, you’ll implement the strategies discussed and take the necessary steps to achieve your goals. I can provide ongoing support and guidance, as needed meetings, or even just a one-off consultation session. 
  4. Branding, Marketing, and Networking: consulting can include reviewing marketing strategies that will attract new clients, recommendations for building a network of other professionals and resources that can support your practice or business, and more targeted ideas based on your specialty areas. 
  5. Professionalism and Ethical Standards: part of consulting is helping my clients understand and navigate the ethical and legal requirements of running a private practice or business. For legal advice and accounting questions, I can provide referrals to certified professionals. 
  6. Self-care and Balance: some of my consulting clients want to talk about how to fit in self-care and find some sort of work-life balance as a small business owner–a topic I’m very familiar with.

Cost: $200 per hour, individual or group. You’re welcome to partner with multiple clinicians for consulting sessions to reduce costs. 

Scheduling: Email directly to schedule, and include your website link and any business background you’d like me to consider in advance of our first meeting. 

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Phone: 206-535-1787*

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