Tristen Mills

Welcoming Tristen Mills to the SCS Team

Allow us to introduce Tristen Mills, a clinical intern at Antioch University’s Couples and Family Therapy program! Tristen brings a wealth of knowledge, passion, and a client-centered approach to his practice. She recognizes that connection is a fundamental need for all human beings, regardless of life stage, and understands that at times, we all face moments of disconnection – whether from our partners, families, work, community, or even ourselves.

Tristen’s Philosophy

Tristen firmly believes in the power of gaining a deeper understanding of oneself and applying this insight to life and relationships. Her goal is to create a welcoming and comfortable space for you to work through challenges and rediscover connections – to both yourself and others. As a client-centered therapist, Tristen tailors her approach to your unique goals, challenges, and values, acknowledging that you are the expert of your own life.

In the therapeutic journey with Tristen, you’ll find a supportive partner who asks thoughtful questions, provides empathy, positive regard, and ensures a nonjudgmental space. The focus is on empowering you to navigate your challenges and foster connections that enhance your overall well-being.

Scheduling a Consultation

If Tristen’s approach resonates with you or if you’re simply curious to explore if therapy with her is the right fit, we invite you to schedule an initial 10-minute phone or video consultation session. This introductory meeting offers an opportunity to connect with Tristen, ask any initial questions you may have, and gauge whether she aligns with your needs. Alternatively, if you’re ready to take the plunge, you can schedule your first session directly on our client portal- scheduling takes 2-3 minutes and can be done from your phone or computer without downloading anything. We look forward to assisting you on this journey of self-discovery and connection.

Thank you for considering Steffen Counseling Services as your partner in growth and well-being. We are here to support you every step of the way.

Warm regards,

The Steffen Counseling Services Team

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