Welcoming Liz Rogers to our Team:

Hello readers,

We are delighted to announce the newest addition to our group practice, a talented and compassionate therapist, Liz Rogers, LMHCA. In her own words: 

I am so excited to be joining SCS full-time after working with my internship clients this past year plus! I particularly enjoy working with individuals on mind/body integration, meaning that you know in your mind how you want to feel, but you don’t yet feel it in your body. I work frequently with clients who are dealing with anxiety, stress from life transitions, or challenging relational patterns. I work alongside my clients to help them integrate their mind and body by understanding their story, working from a strength based approach, and building clients’ inner resources so that they have the tools they need to stay emotionally regulated, even when challenges arise. This may involve incorporating EMDR, mindfulness practices, visualizations, or inner parts awareness into sessions.

My therapeutic presence is compassion-forward and client-centered. I practice from a relational, attachment-based lens and prioritize my clients’ holistic well-being. Informed by research in relational neuroscience and best-practices for treating complex trauma, I help my clients process what feels unresolved. I work with individual adults and teens on a variety of issues with special interest in supporting people in cultivating emotional regulation skills for anxiety, stress, and ADHD, tending to low self-esteem resulting from narcissistic relationships, and supporting those processing impacts of religious trauma. Please reach out if we sound like a good fit!

Liz is currently accepting new clients. If you or someone you know is seeking support, guidance, or therapy services, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us. All of our associate therapists are in-network with Premera, which means that if you have Premera insurance, you can benefit from therapy without the additional financial burden of paying out of pocket. We believe in making therapy accessible and inclusive, ensuring that everyone has the opportunity to prioritize their mental health.

To schedule an appointment with Liz, you can use out online scheduling system https://steffencounselingservicesgroup.clientsecure.me/.  If if you have any questions about our services, please reach out to us at Brittany@steffencounselingservices.com. We are grateful for your continued support and trust in our practice! 


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